Thursday, 27 March 2014

Om nom nom brainz - Zombie Jewellery

    So, most people would start of their first blog with bios, and a long winded background history, I'm going to skip that part and move on right into the pretty pictures :)
    I apologise in advance for my brutal slaughter of the English language, i'm rubbish when it comes to writing, as will soon be very apparent.
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Zombie Jewellery by Nocturnal Creations
Hand sculpted polymer clay jewellery 

    I'm one of those people who's always been obsessed with the idea of apocalypses and the undead, and with the whole The Walking Dead craze that's currently at a all time high, I thought i'd a few pieces to commemorate my creepy passion.

                                           Dismembered body part trophy necklaces

 Crossed bones necklace

Zombie heart necklaces

Anatomical and pinhead heart necklaces

 Skeleton Hand Jewellery

Zombie Sculpture

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