Monday, 1 December 2014

Orders F.A.Q & T&C

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
This one's nice and simple, either send me a private message through your social media of choice, Etsy or email me at

I'd like to order something custom made?I love to create custom work, just send me a message through the contact details above to discuss setting up a order.
As custom pieces can't always be sold on, i require a 50% non-refundable deposit, upfront before I start physically creating the piece.
(This can be paid after a initial concept sketch has been drawn)

Why do i need to give you a deposit?
This is purely to cover my materials and working costs. I never used to ask for a deposit but unfortunately I've learned the hard way that I must do so to cover myself.
(I've had several experiences where I've spent large sums of money and time on custom pieces for individuals who in the end never paid and left me feeling a bit down, out of pocket and wasted many days I could have been working on genuine customers orders.)

What can you create for me?
That will depend on what the piece you have in mind is, and what materials are involved.
I love a challenge and have become a dab hand at creating whatever's been asked. There are limitations however such as certain materials i.e. Metal work and woodcarving. I do hope to expand my skill range and delve into those in the future. If in doubt just ask me :)
Have a wee nosy through my Facebook and DeviantArt  portfolio pages for a idea of what i create.

How do i pay?
All transactions go through Paypal  (Whether directly through Paypal, Etsy or eBay), as it's secure and we both get paperwork/receipts to refer to, to keep us safe.
Directly through paypal: This requires you to send me your email that is linked to your account so that i can send through a invoice.

I don't have money right now, but i really want to order something, What can i do?
This is a tricky one, and I totally understand as we all have these moments.
You can reserve a item; I'm happy to hold any ready to ship items items for up to one week. However unfortunately due to some negative past experiences I will hold items no longer than a week without payment.
If you'd like a custom commission i can book you a slot on my order list closer to the time you will be able to pay, but i will not begin any work before hand.

I'd like to cancel an order, how do i do this?

If for what ever reason you need to cancel your order (I understand unexpected financial issues do happen) please let me know as soon as you possibly can so that I can offer the custom slot to someone else or re-list your ready to ship item.
Deposits for custom items will not be returned if work has already begun (See deposits)

Can i get a discount/haggle?
Not really. I like to think I price fairly, and I receive several comments a week that i am undercharging. I only charge enough to cover materials and some of my time.
I do offer (When i can) discounts for some high value orders/multiple purchases.
Low-balling is extremely offensive, please don't.

See my previous blog post for a break down of what's involved behind the scenesLink

How long will my custom piece take to create?
This is dependent the size and complexity of your order and how busy my commissions list is.
This can be any time between a few days for smaller simplistic creations up to a few weeks to even over a month for a large or detailed work.
I work as quickly as I possibly can but please remember i'm human and occasionally need a day off to recharge and refresh my motivation levels.
See Communication


I try my utmost to communicate as much as I possibly can usually within 48 hours of receiving a message, but please remember i'm human and will occasionally take a day off.
I will update you with step by step progress photos so that changes can be made if required and you get a little insight into what is happening. (You're very welcome to ask for extra progress photos/angles if you desire)
Please be reasonable with communication however, constantly messaging me is more likely to hinder your project than progress it, handmade work takes time. On the other hand, please be available to reply to me at least once a week, as large periods of time without communication means that i can't continue the project until we've discussed the current stage.

Can i get some freebies?In a word. No.
I'm not at that stage in my career or financially able to hand out free products that I spend so many hours working on.
Where i can I do sometimes sneak a little thank you gift into paid orders.
I have in the past sent out some promotional freebies, and plan to do so again in the future when i'm able, but I source the individuals myself, I do not give out items for the sake of it.
Please stop sending me sob stories and angry messages because i won't send you free stuff, it makes me a wee bit upset :(

Will you upload my piece to social media?

Yes I will*, as i'm very proud of all my creations and wish to show them off to others (As i would hope you'd want to do too). All my uploaded images contain a minimum of 2 watermarks with my name and Nocturnal Creations.
This does not mean that i will sell your piece to anyone else (Unless payment isn't made after 1 week of completion).

*Unless you specifically request that i don't upload it immediately i.e. if it is a gift for someone that you don't want to see it. 

I'm commissioning something a a gift, can you send it to their address?
Yes i can, just remember to tell me when you order. I can even write/print a little message if you'd like so the recipient knows who it's from.

I had another idea but you've already started my piece, can you change it?
Within reason, yes. This will depend on what stage of the process your piece is in.

Can i alter the piece once I've received it?
To be perfectly honest, I'd rather you didn't. I put a lot of love and care into each piece i make. If there are any alterations you would like made we can do so during the creation process.
However, if you'd like to add your own little personal touches and do not intend to claim the piece as your own or sell it, i haven't a problem with that. In fact, i'd love it if you sent me a photo of the changes you made!.

Can I resell your artwork? 
In short, no. I do not give permission for you or anyone else to resell my artwork
Unless there is a signed contract between myself and yourself) 
Artwork can be given as a gift, but there can't be any monetary gain.

Is your work stamped/signed? Does it come with paperwork?
I'm not quite at that stage yet (Maybe one day) But i do sign all my paintings/drawings and do what i can to sculptures. I am working on getting stamps made and some certificates in the future.

Can i share/use your artwork?
Sharing: You're very welcome to share my work and images, just remember and credit me.

Can i use your artwork/images as banners/in videos/ as a wallpaper etc?
Yes you can, however i do not give you permission to alter the image or remove my watermarks.
(As above please remember and credit me)

What about commercial use?
I do not give permission for my artwork or images to be used commercially.
(Unless there is a signed contract between myself and yourself) 

Postage and Returns

All sales are final

All packages are initially sent through Royal Mail.
UK: 1-3 days*
Outisde UK: 5-14* days
From the date i dispatch them
Delays may be unavoidable such as heavy traffic times (Christmas etc) and strikes etc

Transport Damage

If the product is lost or upon receiving you notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should report this to me as soon as possible and send me some photos of the damage. I try my hardest to ensure your item is packaged to the fullest of my ability, but sometimes a rough journey my result in minor mishaps.
If the damage is minor i can suggest a repair method, however if the item has major damage we can discuss refund or exchange, this may take a while as the item has to be returned to me and i'll file a damage report to my post provider. 

Unclaimed Packages

For packages that are not cashed at your post office within 14 days, I reserves the right to charge you a handling fee to cover return shipping and freight companies' administrative costs.
Returning A Package
If a returned item is shipped international, please clearly mark the package 'RETURNED GOODS', to avoid any Customs charges. I am NOT responsible for any return Customs charges made. Any charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.