Friday, 28 March 2014

Bad hair day

Why are you posting about your hair? 
    Good question. I've noticed through out my years on art/craft sites that the focusing on art/craft has been diminishing. For example, DeviantArt, in my angsty younger self teen years i wouldn't of had a bad thing to say about DA because i spent a majority of my life drooling over all the pretty things. But now that i'm trying to further myself and my career i'm noticing that there's less focus on the artwork and more on selfies and sexually explicit art work. Which i don't have a problem with, they're their own form of art, however i've discovered through a wee experiment of my own that a majority of users are no longer interested in the art side of things (from us little lesser known art/crafts people anyway) unless it's a photograph of a female (Most likely baring all or in a pose only fit for a contortionist) or fan related art...which has also taken a weird turn.
So to sum things up there, my rainbow hair throughout the years has somehow drawn attention to my artwork. 

What was your experiment?

But first...let me take a selfie (8)  
     I decided to upload several art and craft pieces, as well as several "Selfies"at the same time on consecutive days and see if my feedback/notifications differed. Well, they did, horrendously, my art/craft work received dribs and drabs of attention, the odd fav here and there and about 10 notifications overall in 24 hours. Selfies on the other hand opened some form of attention floodgate with constant favs, watchers, llama badges and few unsettling private messages over the 24 hour period

Haw, where's the hair then?
Here's a collage of the many colours i've worn over the years thanks to 
 XXL range, Loreal Majirouge, Stargazer, Fudge and Crazy Color

To sum things up. Everything relies on aesthetics and as always sex sells. Even if it is just pictures of a face.
So ken what? Sod it, give the people what they want.
If pictures of my face draw folk into my artwork, it may be selling out a bit, but it works.
Over and out.

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