Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What's that coming over the hill?..

 It's a monster, IT'S A MONSTER! (8)

     These are the first few wee monsters i made many moons ago in roughly 2009/10 when i was just leaving/left high school and seem to think i'd fund my life creating creepy and cute art&craft creations and live happily ever after. Oh to be that young and naive. 

    I took a rather long break from monster making to focus on College&Uni (Of course a Art&Design course) but recently attempted to recreate my wee monsters in a newer more refined design.
The result...These wee cuties!


    Being Scottish it was only natural that the ball of orange fluffiness developed into little Heilan' Moos!

  The latest monster has developed somewhat from the simplistic purely sewn puff balls they once were into this chap.
    He's fairly poseable including all limbs and his tail, however i'm still working on my armature skills and hoping to improve them ASAP!.
Each of his little hands/feet and face/head are all hand sculpted by myself using no moulds! Then baked and painstakingly hand painted piece by piece, even down to his little fingernails.  

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