Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Creepachu I choose you!

Creepachu PokeDoll

Jumping on the PokemonGo hype train -

9 year old me is exploding with excitement - as is 24 year old me, who’s not walked this much in years and suffering a wee bit for it, so is spending the day typing up blogs, downing endless cups of coffee with a hot water bottle chucked my jumper to help sooth my achy back - I'm getting old man.

I’ve only completed the Pikachu inspired doll so far, but the rest are in progress
(I ran out of clay and material funds unfortunately - but fret not i'll post them when they're completed!)

Each of their creepy little faces were hand sculpted using Polymer Clay (Super Sculpey by Polyform) using a pathetic array of tools - One dotting tool that's bent at one end because i rolled over it with my wheely chair, and my fingers.
(Fun fact: If i work with PC for too long my hands begin to burn - So this project ended in pain)

The little body was chopped out of faux fur using no templates, partially because i hate working patterns, i feel it takes away from the uniqueness of each piece. Each little face is handsculpted and uses no moulds (Currently) and due to this they range in size so templates are kind of pointless.

Enjoy this fluffy little bundle of nightmares.
I love him and he now watches over guests in the livingroom.

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