Sunday, 31 August 2014

Art Trade

Art Trade Form
I know this looks boring, but i've had a much higher response than i expected and this is a way to make sure no-one gets lost or missed out!

NOTE: I hope to manage to trade with everyone, but this may not be possible (I'm only one person!), please don't be offended if i don't get back to you immediately, i'm going to try my hardest to complete them all :)

Name: (Your name) Obviously haha

Page name: (If you have a page or business)
Link to shop/page: (If you have one, So i can leave a link as credit)
Location: (Country of where i'll be shipping your piece to, we'll sort addresses later!)
Date: When you'd be available to trade (i.e. "October - November")
Preferred trade: Custom, Themed or Surprise me.
Medium(s) (You'd like to trade): What sort of art/craft piece you create i.e. Jewellery, painting, drawing, plush toy
Medium(s) (You'd like to recieve): What sort of art/craft piece you'd like me to create for you i.e. Jewellery, painting, drawing, plush toy

Subject preference: What sort of things do you like animals, horror, nature
Favourite colours/Combinations: Green, black & Purple etc

Either PM me on Facebook or E-mail me:

Why're you trading? 

It's a way of exploring some creative freedom and have a bit of fun creating something outside commissions, while receiving something nice at the end, meeting new people and doing some light networking in the process.
What the trade is not: A way to gain free stuff or for others to get "Free" products from myself, by sending something of minimal effort in return. We both should be putting as much love and care into the work as we would usually whether it be for family, friend or customer. 
How many will you take on?: I'm still working on that, i'm going to have to think about realistic numbers to fit in with general life, commission work and not making myself broke with postage costs

What type of art trade?

1. A custom piece: We both tell each other a few Likes/Dislikes/Passions, Favourite colours and a preferred medium or two (I.e. Sculpture, Painting etc), and the other party can create something with their own creative freedom.

But if you do have something particular in mind that's already been made, feel free to ask!

2. A themed piece:  Where we both work from the same theme, but take the art/craftwork in our own direction and have complete creative freedom to do our thing.

3. Surprise me!: Represent ourselves, Have complete freedom! Create whatever you want and show a little bit of yourself/interests

What's involved?

What will we trade: Something hand-created whether it be a small sculpture, plushie, needle felting, painting, drawing etc. If you have a art/craft page or business remember to send each other a link so that we can "advertise" it for each other once we receive our trades.

Limited critique: We're trading for a bit of fun NOT as paying customers so it need not match your exact vision or be strongly critiqued. we want to let the other persons creative juices flow.

Cost: Obviously nothing to take part!. But each individual has to fund their own materials and P&P so it is entirely up to yourself how much you spend/use on the project. (Same applies to time and labour) Please check out the Fair Trade section. 

Fair trade: This is difficult to judge as we all value work differently, we have to take into account time, value, materials and skill level. We can discuss this between us to suit both sides before starting the trade.

Postage: It's up to both parties to finance the P&P of the item they are sending
You may want to take into consideration size and weight so that it doesn't end up too expensive.
(Remember to get a proof of postage receipt in case they get lost)
Deadline, 1 - 2 weeks, but we can discuss altering this if required. 
This gives each party enough time to squeeze in the artwork to their busy schedules. But it also gives a completion date to brush up on working within a time-frame.

I started a trade, but i can't meet the deadline!: That's okay! Just remember to keep in contact so that we both know what is going on. 


. All participants are at least 16 years old (or have parental permission)
. No illegal items (This should be pretty obvious) including firearms, blades, explosives, copyrighted items etc (Fan items are acceptable though)
. Proof of postage and keep postage reciept in case anything goes missing/gets damaged on it's journey.
(Feel free to send via a tracking service if you want extra peace of mind, this is at your own expense though)
. Stick to the deadline, if you do run out of time don't worry! Just remember and let each other know and keep them up to date (Don't take part if you think you may have to withdraw)
. Once you receive your package, remember to show them off!, Post them on your page etc to brag about your new pretty things.
. Remember to say thank you to your partner!